Magnetic branding and web design built from energetics, frequency, and human design

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Where alchemy meets branding

If typical brand strategy and business methods haven't worked for you...good! That means you aren't meant to have an ordinary, lukewarm business.

Let's create an enchanted, expansive, and fruitful business that's a literal fairy tale.

Fairy tales are real.

That tug deep down in your heart is your calling. 

You were made to create magic and I'm here to help you bring it into the world.

Through captivating brand and website design, plus intentional energetic and frequency work, your impossible business dreams will soon be your reality.

custom brand and website design

1:1 branding x human design reading

here's how I can help.

It's time to bring your magic to life.



You’ve been scrappy, persistent, and determined as hell. And it’s paid off big time.

Your business is growing and it's time to get intentional about what you're putting out there so your magnetism can truly shine. 

But you know all the generic branding services out there just aren't for you.

With custom brand and web design, we'll give your business a living, breathing soul. Using brand alchemy, we'll align your energy to the frequency of your dream business and create a reality that's better than your wildest dreams.

Instead of starting your entrepreneurial journey stressed out and discouraged because you’re trying to fit your business into a box, invest in a website template that’s designed to be a portal to your dream biz.

These templates are completely customizable so you can build your site in a way that's fun, energizing, and aligned with you and your unique magic. 

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Hey lovebug!

Brand alchemy + aligned frequencies = magic. 

That business dream in your heart is not there by accident. It was placed there for you to walk out on this planet. 

It's one of my biggest thrills in life to partner with creative entrepreneurs to help bring their business goals into reality in a way that’s completely true to them. 

I believe in magic. I believe in impossible goals. I believe in miracles. I believe in energy. And I believe in that big, scary, amazing dream of yours. 

So let's do this. Let's create like our life depends on it and build a brand that lights your soul on fire. 

It will be SO fun, I promise. 

Learn more about me...

I'm Kelsey — Human Design Projector, creative entrepreneur, brand designer, website powerhouse, and believer in magic.

Ready to have a map into your own unique energy?

Get Your Human Design Chart!

How to use your unique energy to attract your perfect clients

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Where and why you're experiencing resistance and pressure in your business

Your brand's's main purpose

Your human design chart can give you insight into:

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"Kelsey blew me out of the water from our first phone call. She was professional, so knowledgable, and most of all, such a genius at creating our site! We couldn't be happier. It was exactly what we wanted."

— Heather W. of Tia Sandy's Empanadas

Celestial Haze

Mermaid Toes

— Wil L. of Eureka Dinner Club

"Our sales went crazy after we added online ordering to our site. Before Kelsey designed us a site, we were taking orders through Facebook messages and texts and constantly having to chase down payment. It was a nightmare. Now money just seems to keep flowing thanks to our site."

because the magic is in

The very first business I ever started made 6-figures its first year. Yes, I pounded the pavement (literally) passing out flyers every single day, telling every passerby about it, and posting relentlessly on social media.

I stayed up late, woke up early, and was laser-focused on creating success. 

I worked hard and believed harder.

the details

But I also added a super professional website template to my arsenal really early on in that business. 

By the end of its first year, literally 80% of sales had come through my website. 

Would I have been able to make those sales without a website? Possibly. 

Would it have been as seamless and professional as it was with a site? Hell to the no.

Implementing a professionally designed website template into my business strategy early on was a major part of my success and I guarantee it will be for your biz as well. 

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