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I'm Kelsey.

capturing the magic

When Projectors feel safe to share their message and their passion, they are truly the most magnetic beings on the planet. 

Nothing thrills me more than to work hand-in-hand with Projector entrepreneurs to create living, breathing brands and websites that showcase their magic and let the invitations start pouring in!

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Growing up, I never fit in. I was too weird, too dreamy, too different. I saw things differently than other people and it was impossible for me to fit into the “shoulds” and follow the standards. 

As my creative career developed, I quickly learned that my style wasn’t for everyone. And I was fine with that. 

But what wasn’t fine was how exhausted and discouraged I was with how my career was unfolding. I felt like I couldn’t keep up. Doing things how I was “supposed” to didn’t work for me.

And the worst part? I wasn’t having any fun at all. 

 Discovering Human Design and learning my type was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. Finding out I was a Projector just made sense. It felt like a big, freeing exhale. 

Projectors need 

The fact that only 20% of people are Projectors felt incredibly freeing to me, but even more so, learning that Projector energy is so unlike any other type of energy felt especially comforting. 

I was made to be different. I thrived when I went opposite the status quo. All my natural instincts had actually been right, even though it seemed wrong to the rest of the world. 

After finding such freedom in applying my unique Human Design to my life, I started playing around with applying it to my business.

I started saying yes to rest. I stopped feeling obligated to post at specific times, follow certain formulas, or create solely for an algorithm.

And boy did my business explode. From the outside, my business choices looked naive and irresponsible. Possibly even lazy.

But from my perspective, they were made with such precious intention. I let my soul lead me and ignored everything else. 

And now I have the thriving, beautiful, oh-my-goodness-pinch-me business that I've dreamt of since I was a little girl. 

I really, really love Saturdays

My first job out of college was as an Assistant Buyer at Neiman Marcus. I was thrilled. I'd wanted a career in fashion my entire life and finally felt like I'd "made" it.

But I was miserable. And worse, I felt guilty for feeling miserable. 

While I liked the people and the work, I hated the constraints. The unspoken rules about how to behave, what to do, and how to do it. I always felt like a mess, was constantly late, and was very, very exhausted emotionally which, of course, manifested into physical exhaustion too. 

As a way to cope with all of the emotional stress, I started creating fake brands on the weekends when I didn't have to be in the office. At first, I think I was really creating these fake businesses as a way to try on the idea of working for myself. But at the time, I didn't believe I could ever have my own business. I thought I "should" remain employed by someone else my whole career because that was the "safe" thing to do.

As I spent hours and hours each weekend pouring over these made up businesses, I got really good at designing brands and websites. It was so fun for me (and still is). I could literally lose myself in the screen for hours on end. Once my skills had developed and sharpened, I started creating real websites for friends. Then it became friends of friends. And finally, strangers started hiring me to create their websites for them. 

What started as a creative outlets on Saturdays became one of the greatest joys I have experienced so far in my life — Saturday Designs, my boutique website and brand design studio specializing in creating for soul-led Projector entrepreneurs. 

If I wasn't a website designer, I'd be...

an Anthropologie window display artist

My go-to coffee order is...

Blonde Flat White

I own way too many...





let's be friends!


My unofficial uniform is...

any Anthropologie dress

I'm a...

left-handed INFJ, Scorpio, Projector, Enneagram Type 9


The Story of


Earned a Fashion Design Certificate from Parsons School of Design


Landed an internship at Patricia Field


Landed an internship at Vogue!


Graduated with a Bachelor's in Art & English Literature


Got hired as an Assistant Buyer at Neiman Marcus




Began building websites for fun on the weekends as a way to blow off steam from my corporate job

Got my first paid client ever

Left my full-time job to turn Saturday Designs into a full-time thing!

Serve beautiful, brilliant women entrepreneurs 
every day and find so.much.joy in each and every project!

Saturday Designs