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welcome to my magical little world.

Hi, there. I'm kelsey

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Some people cry when they learn their human design type. I cried when I learned my incarnation cross.

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Magic exists (Gate 41)

Gathering (gate 45)

discomfort for growth, peace by default (Gate 6)

Abundant giving (Gate 42)

brand values

what's possible for you

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If I wasn't a website designer, I'd be...

an anthropologie window display artist

my unofficial uniform is...

any anthropologie dress

I own way too many...





get to know me!


I'm a...

left-handed INFJ, Scorpio, 6/2 Self-Projected Projector, Enneagram Type 9


my go to coffee order is...

oatmilk chai latte


Earned a Fashion Design Certificate from Parsons School of Design


Landed an internship at Patricia Field


Landed an internship at Vogue!


Graduated with a Bachelor's in Art & English Literature


Got hired as an Assistant Buyer at Neiman Marcus




Began building websites for fun on the weekends as a way to blow off steam from my corporate job

Got my first ever paid client

Left my full-time job to turn Saturday Designs into a full-time thing!

Serve beautiful, brilliant women entrepreneurs 
every day and find so.much.joy in each and every project!


Saturday Designs

The Story of

let's get serious

Bragging rights

Certified Human Design Practitioner through the Embodied by Design certification program

Master in color psychology and brand design through the Brand Resonance method

Fashion Design certificate from Parsons School of Design and a Bachelor's degree in English and Art from the University of Colorado

Expert in all things online tech including website design and development, e-commerce, SEO, and online marketing

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