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You were called to be an entrepreneur. That dream in your heart to have a successful, bounding business was not put there by accident. You have a special stamp on your life to transform the world and make an impact through your soul-led business.

At Saturday Designs, its our mission to help you achieve insane, illogical, miraculous results in your business because that's what's going to serve the world. 

Are you ready for massive success? Because you were made for it. 

welcome to my magical little world.

Hi, there. I'm kelsey

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I cried when I learned my incarnation cross.

Everything you need to create massive success in your brand and business can be found in your human design chart. 

Your human design is your soul, on paper. It illuminates your greatest strengths, the value you're here to give to the world, and, most importantly, your life's purpose. 

It's our speciality to be able to see the energy of your human design chart and turn it into something visual. In your human design chart you can find your most magnetic brand strategy and your most flowy, lucrative, impactful business plan. 

Alignment is everything. Magic is our strategy and miracles are the standard. 

Everything you need for your most hypnotic, enchanting, and captivating brand already exists within your chart. We can't wait to help you meet it. 

Some people cry when they learn their human design type...

Magic exists (Gate 41)

community (Gate 45)

discomfort for growth, peace by default (Gate 6)

Abundant giving (Gate 42)

brand values

Magic is our strategy

We aren't into logical, realistic results here. 

We're into insane results. Audacious results. Results that don't make any sense. Because magic is on our side and energy is our strongest tool.

You were made for something special.

You are a magical being. It's our mission to help you see that.

At Saturday Designs, we use human design to craft custom brands and websites, to build ridiculously successful businesses, and to awaken the Goddess within you so you can achieve everything you know deep down you're capable of achieving. 

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If I wasn't a website designer, I'd be...

an anthropologie window display artist

my unofficial uniform is...

any anthropologie dress

I own way too many...





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I'm a...

left-handed INFJ, Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising, 6/2 Self-Projected Projector


my go to coffee order is...

oatmilk chai latte

let's get serious

Bragging rights

Certified Human Design Practitioner through the Embodied by Design certification program

Master in color psychology and brand design through the Brand Resonance method

Fashion Design certificate from Parsons School of Design and a Bachelor's degree in English and Art from the University of Oklahoma

Expert in all things online tech including website design and development, e-commerce, SEO, and online marketing

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Certified Astrologer through Cosmic Laundry