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I'm a Projector entrepreneur ready to levelup my existing business

I'm a Projector entrepreneur ready to start my business

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+ You're a Projector and believe in the power of Human Design
+ You've had your business for over a year
+ You're ready for a brand and website that attracts your dream clients
+ You're elevating into the next level of your business and need a brand and website aligned with that

+You're a Projector and believe in the power of Human Design
+You're just launching your business 
+ You want to add a website to your business toolbox right from the start 
+ You're still learning the ins and outs of your business and don't need a custom site quite yet

Give me all the deets!

Yep, this is me!

This is ideal for you if:

A professionally designed template is for you if:

Projectors dream big. 

But it's often hard for us to put our message into the world. 

As a Projector in a Generator's world, it's easy to feel misunderstood, unseen, and unworthy of the success we desire, especially in the online business space. 

But when a Projector does take the risk and puts her truth out for the world to see...that creates magic. 

The Projector's strategy is to wait for the invitation. But that doesn't mean that waiting for those soul-aligned invitations has to be a passive thing. 

In fact, the more you prepare your heart and your business for your dream invitations, the quicker and easier they'll start to flood in.

And you know one of the most powerful places to start?

Your website.

The custom design process

A little rundown of how it works...

As told by me, the manic, overly-excited designer. 

first, we fall in love.

+ you love my work, I love your vibe. 

+ we make it official. deposit is paid. your project is underway.

+ we have a deep-dive strategy session. this is when I bear into your soul (kidding...kind of), and ask those hard-hitting questions to learn what makes you tick and what compels you to put your business into the world. 

+ I crawl into my designer hole and turn all those heart-led answers into a design strategy, aka, the practical steps for how we will create a brand that literally turns potential customers/clients into raving fan girls and boys. 

+ I create a mood-board and homepage outline and send them your way for approval. your brand's overall vibe is born. congratulations, it's a moment! 

+ we work together, back and forth, to create a brand strategy (the big picture plan), brand identity (the fun stuff! custom logos, custom fonts, & color palette), and  intuitive website that is essentially a digital version of your soul

+ we plan your branding and site launch to ensure its birth into the world is seamless and perfect

Custom Brand and Website Design

Signature Package:

what's included?

Domain and Email Setup

30-Days Unlimited Voxer Support After Your Launch

Custom domain connection and g-suite email setup, plus email marketing platform integration.

Unlimited support from me after you launch, so we can ensure your site is running exactly as planned.

Brand Strategy

A custom brand strategy based on your projector energy that serves as the story behind your business. Stories = sales.

Brand Identity

A Custom Showit Website

A highly-intuitive, professional, and gorgeous website that's aligned with your vision and goals and effortlessly attracts your dream clients.

primary logo, alternate logos, custom fonts, custom color palette, design elements, patterns, and brand photo curation.

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Bonuses :)

The magic is in the details...the extra touch to really propel your business forward


Brand Outline

A highly optimized site to bring your dream clients directly to you through google searches

Social Media Collateral

Custom Canva Setup

10 custom social media graphics that you can use across all your marketing channels and use as the templates for all your future posts

A custom brand kit you can refer to and use throughout all of your marketing and product offerings for a truly cohesive brand

We'll customize your canva account to include your brand identity and your custom social media graphics so you can easily create and edit them on your own

1:1 Showit Training

I'll walk you through the ins and outs of your new website so you can learn how to easily update your website and maintain it effortlessly

The average investment for custom brand and web design is $3,000.

I'm ready to move forward! 

We're an amazing fit if...

You're a Projector entrepreneur who believes intentional branding and design are pillars of her business.

You have an established business. You're currently making sales or have clients, have high-quality images or are planning to get them, and have a general understanding of who your customer/client is.

You're a highly driven business owner who shows up every day ready to give and grow.

You believe that some of the magic can't be explained logically and instead has to be felt. You're willing to go inward and feel your way through some of the design process as opposed to logically planning it.

Wanna know a bit about me?

Hi! I'm Kelsey.

I'm a fashion-professional turned website designer and I'm so obsessed with empowering female-run businesses.

I'm a bit woo woo, a bit practical. I love tarot, crystals, and manifestation, but I believe your dreams take real, true, dedicated effort.

I love strategy but I also love intuitively-led inspired action. 

I don't believe there's a one-size-fits all approach to business. 

But I do believe that if you truly want a successful business that you're wildly obsessed with then it's meant to be yours. 

The Projector signature is success.

I work mainly with Projector entrepreneurs because I get them and they get me. 

The co-creation process between two Projectors is a marvelously beautiful thing. 

I work with Projectors from all different fields, from photographers, to private chefs, to coaches, to yoga instructors. 

I love to get to know each one of my clients on a personal level so I can create the brand that's meant to be theirs. 

Ready to turn your dreams into 

I got you, girl.



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